WomenOne is a non-profit devoted to creating positive change in the lives of women and girls globally through access to quality education.

What We’re Doing


WomenOne is a new non-profit, created in 2011. However, even in this short time we have already traveled a long way to identify the needs of women and girls across the globe and give them a voice. We work in partnerships with other non-profits, such as UNICEF and Free the Children.

WomenOne uses three pillars of support: See, Say, and Do.  These pillars allow us to identify the need for women and girls, gather and share their stories, and provide the opportunity for change.

See: WomenOne, on our own and in collaboration with other non-profits, identifies women and girls in need across the globe.

Say: We create awareness by sharing the stories we gather.

  • Communicating the stories through all media outlets.
  • Engaging our networks and partners to get involved.
  • Raising awareness and funds by connecting those in need, with those who want to make a difference.

Do: We work independently or in partnership with organizations, such as UNICEF and Free the Children, to provide sustainable opportunities for women and girls to improve the quality of their lives.