WomenOne envisions a world where every woman and girl has access to a quality education. We partner with institutions and community-based organizations to provide women and girls facing extreme poverty, cultural barriers and emergencies access to life-changing education. We do this through research, advocacy and innovative programming.

Educate a girl. Change the world.


Throughout her career in the fashion and beauty industry, model, actress and author Dayle Haddon met countless women and listened as they described the many challenges they faced around the world. Over the course of her travels, Dayle recognized that education was the key to providing meaningful opportunities for women and girls to lift themselves out of poverty, support their families and find their voice. Inspired and impassioned to change this landscape of hardship, Dayle founded WomenOne in 2008 with the goal of connecting women and girls in need around the world to other women who had the energy and resources to support them: women supporting women.


Founder & CEO

Dayle Haddon

Executive Director

Amy E. Hepburn

Program Communications Specialist

Malwina Maslowska


Shayna Haddon


Carol J. Hamilton


Amanda Gray Meral


Gamze Ates



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