WomenOne works with a variety of partners to fund, design, and implement innovative education programs for women and girls that are holistic, sustainable, and impactful.


Supporting Girls’ Education in Turkey, 2013-2014

In 2013, our Founder, Dayle Haddon, traveled to Turkey with Turkish Philanthropy Funds to learn about the barriers to education for women and girls throughout the country. After meeting with countless schools, non-profits, and government representatives, WomenOne decided to team up with Turkish Philanthropy Funds to raise support for women and girls in Turkey to attend school. Over the next few months WomenOne hosted a screening of Girls of Hope, reached out to countless donors and spread awareness about this issue. Through our efforts, WomenOne successfully raised enough funds to support 199 women and girls across Turkey to attend school.


Kasaruni Girls’ Secondary School in Kenya, 2010

In 2010, WomenOne worked with the organization Free the Children to assist in building the first all-girls secondary school in the Narok South District of the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Kisaruni is a place where girls’ self?confidence and esteem flourish, empowering them to become exceptional leaders. While the school follows Kenya’s national curriculum, Free The Children offers a unique education system that teaches students new skills while also maintaining their strong sense of culture. In January 2015 the first graduating class of Kisaruni celebrated their commencement with our Founder, Dayle Haddon, in attendance.